Provincial Level

To achieve the objectives at provincial level, following functions are being performed by the department:
  • Preparation & printing of production technology / plan of crops
  • Fixing of area and production targets
  • Preparation of provincial level development projects
  • Interaction with other provincial and federal governments
  • Amendments in Agriculture Laws and provincial level implementation
  • Monitoring of the district level activities
  • Planning and testing of new strategies for transfer of technology and service matters of provincial cadres

District Level

The district level functions of the department are:
  • Implementation of production technology achievement of area and production targets
  • Maintenance of agriculture statistics
  • Implementation of production technologies
  • Conduct village level farmer trainings
  • Implementation of approved projects
  • Preparation of district level projects
  • Implementation of Agriculture Laws
  • Monitoring of agriculture inputs availability
  • Participation in provincial review meetings
  • Feedback on researchable problems