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Ongoing Projects

  • Promotion of Pulses Cultivation in Punjab
  • Enhancing Vegetable Production in Punjab
  • Management of Fruit Fly With Special Reference to Non-Conventional Methods
  • Extension Service 2.O - Farmer Facilitation Through Modernized Extension
  • Promotion of Agriculture Mechanization in Punjab

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Completed Projects

  • Establishment of In-Service Agricultural Training Institute
  • Human Resource Development for Improvement of Agriculture Extension System in Punjab
  • Green Tractor Scheme for Rural Youth
  • Up-Scaling of Kitchen Gardening in Urban Areas of Punjab
  • Special Program for Food Security & Productivity Enhancement of Small Farmers
  • Establishment of Biological Control Laboratories for Rearing of Chrysoperla, Trichogramma and Fruit Fly Parasitoids
  • Promotion of Lentil Cultivation in Potohar Area
  • Targeting Food Security through Productivity Enhancement of Wheat
  • Promotion of Tunnel Technology for Vegetable Production  
  • Diversification of Adaptive Research Farm through Induction of Horticulture Discipline

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